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Kupi BABY born - Bath Deluxe Good Night 43cm (832714) (N)

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“Yaaaawwwwn!” BABY born is tired. Well, it is very late. Now it’s time to brush her teeth with the pink toothbrush and then put on her pyjamas. The cuddly long-sleeved shirt has a sophisticated hem. Benno the bunny is printed on the pink fabric, and seems to be looking forward to spending the night camping. The little sleepyhead pairs this with turquoise trousers featuring a complex pattern. Her slippers and blue sleeping mask are decorated with a bunny’s face and adorable little ears. BABY born is now ready to make herself comfortable on the pillow with colourful bobbles. Good night!

  • Premium-quality clothing/accessories for the BABY born branded doll.
  • For enhanced, diverse and long-lasting fun through play.
BABY born Bath Deluxe Good Night 43cm with shirt, trousers and slippers. Including sleeping mask, pillow and toothbrush.