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Kupi BABY born - Bath Walk in Shower (830604) (N)

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Taking a bath in a bathtub with lots of foam is wonderfully relaxing. But sometimes it has to go a little fast, and then it's best to take a walk in the shower. The doll is attached to the hanger, and then the water fun can begin. Hot or cold shower? By turning on the Second Berta, the pump is started and real water comes out of the shower head. The duck mixer battery shows the temperature. The bathing duck Berta also appears on the tile mirror and on the glass wall. The shower can be adjusted in height so that BABY children's sisters and brothers can also stand under it. The water-absorbent bath mat under the shower ensures that there are no floods.
Accessories of the highest quality for the BABY born doll. Provides improved, varied and long-lasting fun through play. Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included). From 3 years.
- BABY born shower cubicle with electronic shower
- water-absorbent bath mat