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Kupi BABY born - City Deluxe Scooter Combo 43cm (830215) (N)

Cijena: 19,88 €
Tip: Lutke i dodaci, Baby born

Status: U prodaji (Po narudžbi)


Quickly get on the scooter and into town to meet up with friends on the playground in the park. In addition, the scooter set is perfect. The pink suit with the elegant letter print is nicely comfortable. There is nothing that moves when she whizzes around or hangs her head down from the climbing frame. As a special design element, there is a hole at the neck. The yellow sleeve edge of the silver mica jacket matches the yellow elastic belt. In addition, the little city rocker girl wears cool boots.
Clothes and accessories of the highest quality for the BABY born doll. Provides improved, varied and long-lasting fun through play. From 3 years.
- BABY born By scooter outfit 43 cm with jacket, overalls and boots

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