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Kupi BABY born - Magic Girl Brown Eyes 43 cm (827970) (N)

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There’s something very special about this gorgeous little girl… Her eyes really close – whether she’s laying down or not!

It’s all thanks to her Magic Eyes dummy! After a long day playing, little ones can take control and pop BABY born Magic Girl’s dummy in her mouth to help her go to sleep. They can choose to move it one way to close her eyes, and the other way to wake her up! And they’ll be mesmerised by this new function on our much-loved BABY born doll!

The doll’s other functions mean she can drink real water, cry real tears, wet her nappy, go on the potty and eat! Her limbs are flexible too so she can sit and stand on her own – or give the best cuddles – but her favourite thing of all? She loves bath time and can become a real part of your little one’s bedtime routine!

  • Just like magic, BABY born Magic Girl Brown eyes really opens and closes her eyes!
  • 10 realistic features include: magical open and closing eyes (whether laying down or not), controlled wetting and pooping, drinking, feeding, cries real tears, movable limbs and she can in the bath!
  • Each 43cm doll comes dressed in a short-sleeved pink romper with bunny details and matching hat.
  • 10 accessories included: birth certificate, bracelet for doll and child, bottle, dummy, nappy, plate, spoon, potty and food .
  • No batteries required.
  • Suitable for children aged 3+.
  • Item no: 827970