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Kupi BABY Born - Play and Fun RC Scooter (824771) (N)

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Make way for BABY born’s City RC Scooter! BABY born can travel in all directions with the multi-directional controller. BABY born can sit comfortably on the Scooter seat and has easy grip handlebars to hold on to. When BABY born wants to turn, flashing indicator lights tell which way she is going.

  • Premium accessories for the BABY born doll
  • For enhanced, diverse and long-lasting fun through play
  • Multi-directional scooter can move forwards, back, left and right
  • Easy grip handlebars for BABY born's little hands
  • Features left and right indicator lights when turning
  • Contents: 1 x BABY Born City RC Scooter, 1 x Remote Control and 2 sheets of stickers
  • Batteries Required: 4 x AA and 2 x AAA (not included)