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Kupi BABY born - Soft Touch Little Boy 36cm (831977) (N)

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The doll boy is perfect for parent-child role-playing games from the age of two. With its 36 cm, the doll has the optimal size for small doll parents from 2 years. The doll has 7 accessories that support his 7 functions.
When he is fed with water from the bottle, he can afterwards pee in the cloth diaper or pot. When he gets tired of playing, he can cry doll tears of just exhaustion. When you lay the tired little boy on his back, he immediately closes his sleeping eyes. The pacifier takes care of the rest - it is sewn to the kick suit, so it is always with him.
The striped outfit is in easy fit style and can be easily taken on and off by small children's hands. The flexible arms and legs and the movable head make it a single case. The boy also practices diligently eating with a spoon from the plate, but so far it is only fantasy food. But should he spill, he can always be bathed in the BABY born bathtub.
BABY born Lille with 7 lifelike functions inspires varied role-playing and play, which promotes imagination and supports the development of social skills and values. From 3 years.
- BABY born Little boy doll 36 cm with kick suit and hat
- 1 pot, 1 diaper, 1 bottle, 1 plate with spoon, 1 pacifier and 1 birth certificate

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