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Kupi BABY born - Storybook Fairy Violet, 18cm (833780) (N)

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BABY born - Storybook Fairy Violet, 18cm (833780)BABY born - Storybook Fairy Violet, 18cm (833780)BABY born has some very lovely, magical friends – the little Storybook fairy dolls. They are only 18 cm tall, but they have amazing abilities and they love to share their wonderful adventures with you. Meet the little Storybook dolls and their exciting tales.

Every Storybook doll has a favourite story. It comes as a little booklet together with each doll. Or would you rather invent and play your own story? The little bases with lovely backgrounds will set the stage for your fairy adventures


Beautiful fairy with magical functions plus wand, base and background scenery
Wings flutter with a touch of the wand
Pretty face print color change (with sunlight)