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Kupi Bestway - Kondor Elite 2000 Raft (61139) (N)

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Bestway - Kondor Elite 2000 Raft (61139)Bestway - Kondor Elite 2000 Raft (61139)Enjoy the summer on the water with the inflatable inflatable boat from Bestway. The Kondor Elite 2000 boat has room for two people (max. 120 kg) and comes with two oars (124 cm) and a pump. The set is perfect for families who want to explore the sea together.

The Bestway boat is safe and comfortable with extra padded floor for extra relaxation. There are grab ropes on the sides that make it possible to have something to hold on to and also allow for easy transport to and from the water.

It's easy to use the foot pump to inflate the boat in no time, so you can quickly get on the water! Emptying is easy with the interlocking quick release valve.

Product information:

Measurements: 196 cm long and 106 cm wide
Max weight: 120 kg
Includes: Rubber bow, 2 oars, a pump and a repair tag.