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Kupi Red Bull Bc One (NDS)

Cijena: 26,41 €
Platforma: NDS
Žanr: Sport

Status: Rasprodano (Info o proizvodu)(Po narudžbi)

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The game takes the player to the international Red Bull BC One breakdance tournament. Players control their b-boy by solving puzzles under strict time limits. Puzzles consist of drawing geometrical shapes, which will get more complex as the game progresses. A steady hand and speed are required to set a high score that is worth bragging about. The game features fresh and stylish graphics with urban music as well as tense puzzle rounds alternating with a variety of minigames. A prototype version of the game an be played online at Every player of the prototype can fill out a questionnaire about the game and make suggestions for the final product, the best ideas earn the player a mention in the game credits! Features Officially licensed game featuring the world of the RedBull BC One competitions Solve high paced puzzles as quickly and creatively as possible to execute spins and moves Fresh and stylish graphics with 35 unique music tracks 70+ different dance animations 36 battles throughout 8 stages in story mode, plus training mode Many unlockable mini games and items 3D backgrounds (basket court, urban street, beach…) Customize your b-boy with a wide variety of options (clothes, hair, eye color, shoes… ) Includes WiFi multiplayer levels