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Kupi Shaun White Snowboarding (NDS)

Cijena: 19,78 €
Platforma: NDS
Žanr: Sport

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Experience the Thrill of Flying Down a Mountain... Anywhere! Shaun White Snowboarding for Nintendo DS features a fun, cartoonish look, and game players can choose from several different characters. As progress is made in the game, more playable characters are unlocked, as are modifications and upgrades to your board. There are two different types of game play: race and challenge modes. In race mode, you race with three other snowboarders in an attempt to be the first one to the bottom. When you start at the top of the mountain, different paths are available and you can you can map out a route using the stylus. In challenge mode, you will be asked to perform different tricks. Race against up to three friends. View larger. Unique Touchscreen Control Scheme Shaun White Snowboarding takes advantage of Nintendo DS's unique dual-screen layout and touchscreen controls. You control your snowboarding, shown on the top screen, by placing the stylus on the snowboard shown on the bottom of the screen. By placing the stylus on a different part of the snowboard, weight is applied to the corresponding area, and the resulting action is shown on top. For example, by placing weight at the front of the board, you accelerate. In this same way, you can carve, turn, slow down, and jump. Perform Various Cool Tricks While in the air after a jump, you can perform a multitude of tricks by moving the stylus around. For example, by drawing a circle, you can cause your snowboard to spin. Tricks both look cool and provide a speed boost when you successfully land a trick, which is necessary to win the race. Grinding and keeping balance on rails is another challenge gameplayers will have to learn. Wireless Multiplayer For up to Four Players Using the DS's wireless connection, up to four players can compete in Shaun White Snowboarding