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Kupi All Bottled Up! Wooden Wine Bottle

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Tip: Puzzle

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Whatever you do, DON'T BREAK THE BOTTLE ! This is a brainteaser with a difference!This is the perfect puzzle to tease a wine-lover and make them work for their tipple. Simply "lock" the bottle into this puzzle. After savouring a few minutes of their frustration, present them with the solution.This makes a fantastic, yet frustrating gift idea to really drive a wine-lover friend mad. Simply lock into place an expensive red or white, replace said bottle and puzzle back into the box and present it as a loving gift! When they open it, the hard stuff won't just be the drink, but possibly the most unusual and ingenius problem solving challenge ever created! Ideal for dinner parties, refined stag/hen parties and anytime when wine lovers get together to savour their favourite vino. Makes a fantastic conversation piece for the home bar, dining room, or kitchen worktop! NB: Bottle not included

Box Contains

1x Wooden Puzzle
All Bottled Up! (Small Box)
All Bottled up Wooden Puzzle - makes an ideal for wine lovers!
Simply lock the bottle into the puzzle and give to a friend as a gift
Comes with instructions on setting up and resolving the puzzle
Ideal for dining rooms, refined stag/hen parties, kitchen worktops and as a gift