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Kupi Brain Busting 3 Classic Wood Set Puzzles

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The perfect gift for someone who wants to test their nerve and dexterity -These puzzles are very challenging and offer hours of fun individually or with friends and family. Although these puzzles may cause frustration and mental exhaustion the sense of achievement in solving a puzzle cannot be underestimated!

Product Description

We at gadgetshop HQ are fond of testing your mental abilities, dear customers. Whether it be with Sudoku Toilet Roll or a Money Maze, we derive a certain degree of satisfaction through imagining you scratching your heads and throwing these against the wall in mounting frustration. So do not for one moment believe that these Brain Busting Puzzles are as classy and innocent as they first appear. There's only one objective. Solve the puzzles. That's all. Now, you can neither resort to violence nor utilise tools during this operation. And the only dexterity you may apply is mental and digital. It's a brain-teasing box so cunning in its ingenuity that even we in all our Mensa-busting cleverness struggled considerably. Take it upon yourself to buy this as a gift for a loved one and you shall be guilty of having a well-developed mean streak, not to mention the unsavoury quality of enjoying pain in others. So go on. One knows one wants to.

3 of the best classic wooden puzzles known to man.
Taking these puzzles apart is the easy bit... Can you rebuild them?
These 3 dimensional terrors will test your nerve to breaking point!
What ever you don't throw away the box because if all else fails the solution sheet is hidden inside!