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Kupi Metal Mayhem Puzzles Extreme Range 4 Metal And String Puzzles

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An Extremely difficult metal puzzle compendium that will challenge even the most expert of puzzlers. Work your way through the 4 levels of difficulty to become a true Puzzle Master!

Product Description

We at gadgetshop HQ are fond of testing your mental abilities, dear customers. Whether it be with Sudoku Toilet Roll or a Money Maze, we derive a certain degree of satisfaction through imagining you scratching your heads and throwing these against the wall in mounting frustration. So do not for one moment believe that these Metal Puzzles are as classy and innocent as they first appear. There's only one objective. Solve the puzzle. That's all. Now, you can neither resort to violence nor utilise tools during this operation. And the only dexterity you may apply is mental and digital. It's a set so cunning in its ingenuity that even we in all our Mensa-busting cleverness struggled considerably. Take it upon yourself to buy this as a gift for a loved one and you shall be guilty of having a well-developed mean streak, not to mention the unsavoury quality of enjoying pain in others. So go on. One knows one wants to.

4 Extremely difficult metal puzzles to try and disentangle and reattch.
Pit your wits against these 4 most difficult puzzles known to man!
WARNING These puzzles can cause Irritation.