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Kupi The Great Minds Range Archimedes' Tangram Puzzle

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Archimedes of Syracuse (C.287 BC - C. 212 BC) A Greek mathematician, Physicist, engineer, inventor and astronomer. He is renowned for sitting in the bath and recognising the laws of displacement. He was so excited at this discovery that he took to the streets naked crying "Eureka"! (I have found it in Greek). He also designed and wrote about a tangram-type puzzle. It consists of pieces cut from a square which can be used to make other polygons. This tangram is called the Loculus of Archimedes. At over 2000 years old, this is the world's oldest puzzle. What Archimedes didn't know at the time was that without rotations or reflections, there are 536 different ways to place the 14 pieces back into the square frame.

Product Description

This great minds puzzle is based on Archimedes a Greek mathematical, Physicist, Engineer, Inventer, and Astronomer. Beautifully Boxed this classic puzzle has 14 wooden pieces. Can you remove them from the frame then get them all back in again ? Wait thats not it, you also get a booklet where you will find another 12 further shape building challenges. Rated 5 stars out of 5 for difficulty you really will need a great mind to complete this classic puzzle. Gift box 15x15x8.5 cm

Remove the 14 wooden pieces from the frame Can you fit them back into the frame?
Open the booklet enclosed to find 12 further shape building challenges!
Perfect for the person who loves a good puzzle
Finished in an antique style to give the puzzle an aged look
The solution to this puzzle can be seen at