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Kupi Little Live Pets - Lil' Dippers S3 Playset (26283) (N)

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The Lil' Dippers Fish Tank makes the perfect home for your Little Live Pet Fish! Inside the Clam Shell is your Exclusive Lil' Dipper - Splasherina! Fill her tank with water and dip the clam shell in to experience the most magical unboxing! When the Clam Shell fills with water Splasherina will come to life and swim out to explore her plant filled tank showing off her fabulous tail and fins! Splasherina has the most amazing life-like movement as she swims about swishing her colorful tail! Splasherina also comes with a magical feeding bottle so you can interact with your fish. Hold the bottle on the outside of the tank and watch as Splasherina swims towards it to feed. Dive into the Dipper’s world. It’s where aquatic meets exotic!

1 x Fish
1 x Feeding Tool
1 x Instruction Manual
3 x LR44 Battery /Included
1 x Tank
2 x Tank Accessories

Age 5+

Little Live Pets - Lil' Dippers S3 Playset (26283)

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