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Kupi Magic Mixies - Mixlings Single pack - (30358) (N)

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Magic Mixies - Mixlings Single pack - (30358)"Magicus Mixus!" Get ready to make real magic and discover the world of Magic Mixies Mixlings, a cute new breed of Magic Mixies for you to conjure up!

Find out what kind of Mixling you will you create with a magical unboxing. First, rub the gem on your Cauldron and say the magic words 'Magicus Mixus' to discover if you've created a Common, Rare, Ultra-Rare or Limited Edition Mixling! Then open the Cauldron to reveal who's inside.

Each Mixling has special magical powers that are activated with the included magnetic, glow in the dark or pippette wand. Will you find an Enchanter, who charms you with their enchanting eyes, a Flier who reveals their beautiful wings when you place your wand near their gem, a Morphling who can change their shape, a Vanisher who disappears before your eyes or a Spellster who lights up the night as they make themselves bright! Maybe you'll find the Limited Edition Mixling, Light Up Zarla, whose gem lights up and changes color to reveal her magic!

Mischievous and magical, Mixlings are so much fun as you cast spells and unlock different ways to play. You can repeat the magic Cauldron Gem reveal again and again and at the end of the day you can use the Magic Cauldron to store your Mixling and other trinkets. With over 40 little magic toy Mixlings to create and collect throughout Series 1, there are so many magical moments to discover with Mixlings!

Product Features

Magic Wand Reveals Magic Power!

Your Mixling comes with a magical wand that reveals their magical power! There are different ways to discover their magic! Use your wand to see magical changes occur. See the Vanishers disappear with the use of the Pipette wand and reveal the Spellster's mysterious glow with their magic Glow in the Dark wand. See wings appear, eyes change, bodies morph and more before your eyes! Mixlings are so much fun as you cast spells and unlock the different ways to play.The magic of the Mixlings never ends as you perform the spells again and again!

A Magical Unboxing

The magic begins as soon as you take your Collector's Cauldron home! Start to unlock your Mixlings powers by rubbing the magic gem on the front of your Cauldron with your fingers and saying the magic words 'Magicus Mixus!'. Wait....what's that? A magic symbol will begin to appear right before your eyes. Will the symbol tell you your Mixling is Common, Rare, Ultra-Rare or Limited Edition? Then, open your Cauldron lid and find out who you've created inside! The magic symbol on the gem will disappear but you can repeat the magic reveal by rubbing the gem and saying the magic words again and again!

Will You Find Zarla, the Limited Edition Mixling?

Are you powerful enough to create the Limited Edition Mixling - Light Up Zarla in your Mixlings Collector's Cauldron? Zarla has special magical powers that are revealed when you touch your magic wand to her forehead. Be amazed as her gem lights up in different colors! Only Zarla has this kind of power, making her harder to create, extra special and highly sought after.

Not Just A Cauldron

Not only does your Collector's Cauldron have a magical, repeatable unboxing, you can also use your Cauldron to house your Mixling after you are finished performing spells and magic. Or, you can use the Collector's Cauldron to keep other trinkets and treasures in. The Cauldrons also make a cute display all lined up on a shelf together.


• Batteries: 3 x LR41 inkluderet
• Age: 5+
• Product size: 7,6 x 7,8 x 8,5 cm