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Kupi Robosapien Remix (8019)(N)

Cijena: 290,00 HRK / 38,49 EUR
Tip: Roboti

Status: U prodaji (Po narudžbi)


Experience Robosapien - one robot with 4 personalities. All you have to do is replace the character chip and you will change the game and the robot's personality. The robosapie is crammed with lights, sensors and sounds that you activate by touch, movement and sound. He not only dances, he also plays music and can dance to the rhythm. Each character has its own type of hand, its unique sounds and reactions, and repeats what you say in different ways. From 5 years.
- 1 Robosapien Remix
- 3 character chips
- 4 hand types (claw, mega f
ist, swabs, Robosapien Remix (8019) glove)

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