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Kupi Xtreme Bots - Robbie Robot (380831)(N)

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Cijena: 325,00 HRK / 43,13 EUR
Tip: Daljinsko upravljanje, Roboti

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Is your robot angry or happy? It's easy to spot with Robbie Robot!

The robot from Xtrem Bots is ready to become your new, cool friend. It has tons of fun features, can perform 50 different actions and express 20 different kinds of mood. Robbie also has a dance mode, so you can jazz it up in the living room!


  • Equipped with SmartControl
  • 16 different robot sounds
  • 25 different LED lights
  • You control the robot with an infrared remote control, which works up to 5 meters away
  • Charge your robot via USB connector
  • The robot measures 27.5 cm
  • The remote control requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)
  • The robot works with 3.7V, 600 mAh (included)
  • Suitable for children from 5 years