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Kupi Sharper Image - RC Robotsaur Trainable (50-00695) (N)

Cijena: 315,00 HRK / 41,81 EUR
Tip: Razno, Daljinsko upravljanje, Roboti

Status: U prodaji (Po narudžbi)


Is your child completely crazy about dinosaurs? Then this interactive Robotosaur from Sharper Image will definitely be a success!

This Robotosaur is a combination of a robot and a T-Rex, and to make it even cooler, it can also roar, snore, yawn and more! Put it in hunting mode and make the dino robot look for things in the home! Or make it guard the children's room and it will sound an alarm if a curious little sister is on her way in there without permission.

The dinosaur uses 2 x AAA batteries (Not included)
Sharper Image - RC Robotsaur Trainable (50-00695)

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