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Kupi Silverlit - Duke (88557) (N)

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Cijena: 46,45 € / 349,98 kn
Tip: Razno, Daljinsko upravljanje

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Silverlit - Duke (88557)Silverlit - Duke (88557)A new Friend of PUPBO! Duke can learn different tricks via your personalized voice commands.

Loyal Mode

  • Response to 12 different voice commands in your own languages
  • You can give DUKE a new name: Put the Smart Bone in DUKE’s mouth and personalize 12 different voice commands in your own language
Emotional sensor

  • Petting with DUKE’s head sensor for different kinds of emotion
Motorized arms & legs

  • Walk and Run like a real puppy
Lifelike poses

  • Over 10 poses like a real puppy
Sing & Dance

Built-in music

Battery requirements: 4 x AA batteries (not included)