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Kupi Smashers - Dino Island Epic Egg S5 (7487) (N)

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Smashers - Dino Island Epic Egg S5 (7487)Smash your way to an epic prehistoric adventure with Smashers Dino Island Mega Egg. SMASH your egg to smithereens to uncover the 25 hidden surprises inside this action-packed egg! Search through cotton candy foam, squishy sand and super stretchy slime for your dino pieces! Along the way, look out for a pesky pirate figurine and 4 epic smashers mini eggs that hold exclusive characters! Look closely to uncover the 4 Dino Island stickers and new golden dino skull pencil topper amongst your treasures. Construct your dino parts to discover which Smash-o-saur you’ve discovered! Will you find the mighty T-Rex or stealthy Stegosaurus? What arrrgh ye waiting for! Get smashing to discover your new dangerously epic Smashers Dino!

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