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Kupi Schleich - Wild Life - 4x4 vehicle with winch (42410) (N)

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Schleich - Wild Life - 4x4 vehicle with winch (42410)Schleich - Wild Life - 4x4 vehicle with winch (42410)Time for an action-packed adventure with ranger David and his trusty companion, the young chimpanzee! Accompany these two on their wild journey through the jungle! Secure the extendable winch hook to the tree trunk to pull it out of the mud! Change a tire or refuel the 4x4 vehicle with the petrol canister! Save injured animals with the veterinary equipment! Help them out the dense jungle and bring them to the CROCO research station! Set with 4x4 vehicle, ranger David, chimpanzee and lots of great accessories. The Schleich figurines are exceptionally detailed, lovingly painted and allow children to play and learn at the same time